Monday, September 3, 2012

Motivation Monday!

Happy Labor Day, everyone!! What a cruel thing I've done making myself do a motivational post on a national holiday that basically REQUIRES laziness and fat-girl food-induced comas.....nonetheless, I promised motivational thoughts every Monday, and that my friends is what you shall get! Thanks to my ever-resourceful boyfriend, I've decided this week's post will be short and sweet, and slightly different from the past two posts. By that, I mean, tonight I will be discussing the motivation behind time management and organization. I know what you're thinking....snooooooze-fest. But this is one thing that I, as well as every other person in America, struggles with. All I am going to do is bullet-point a few tricks and tips for time management, organization, and how to stay on top of both:

  • MAKE A LIST. In fact, make twelve. Make them specific and assign each item on your list a date for completion.
  • Categorize your list. Think about the errands you have to run and things you need to get/get done and make sure you plan your routes and stops accordingly - nothing is worse and more frustrating than having to backtrack.
  • Don't procrastinate. Not a whole lot to explain there. Just stay on top of those lists :)
  • Make time for sleep. Sleepiness = laziness = procrastination = FAIL. Lots of sleep (a.k.a. at least 8 hours) leads to time management which therefore leads to productivity and what I like to call gettin' shit done.
  • Surround yourself with others who you know excel in organization and time management. This, like energy and motivation itself, is contagious and those who excel have a way of rubbing off on others around them. I have a friend (Jessica, one of my bests!) who is insanely organized. Seriously, the girl could win awards. Whenever I'm feeling especially lazy all it takes is a call to her or a visit to her ridiculously organized, entirely too grown-up apartment to get that boost and motivation I need to, again, get shit done.
So, there you have it. I know, a little boring and generic, but again, it's labor day and two days away from my 27th a.k.a. Scary Age birthday. However, I do hope that some of you get something out of this post. I especially believe in bullet #1 and bullet #5. You'll rarely find me a.) without Jessica somewhere close-by and b.) without a list in my purse - yes, I prefer the old school method of hand-writing my lists on a piece of yellow Legal Pad paper. Find what works for you and stick with it.


Speaking of, what do all of youuuu do to stay motivated with time management and organization??


As I mentioned before, it is my birthday in a few days so I will most likely be MIA in the blog world for the next few days. I can promise a MUCH more interesting subject matter upon my return.


Happy Monday, all!! Have a great start to your week : )

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  1. List making is a must. Love the feeling of crossing off something on a list!