Thursday, September 27, 2012

boot weather.

Whoooooo's ready for fall fashion!! I'll tell you who....THIS GIRL!! Anyone who knows me knows that I loathe summer and crave fall and winter all year long. I know, insert "head scratch" here. Don't get me wrong, the first sun-tan of the year, natural blonde streaks in your hair, sundresses, wedges, the beach with a margarita in hand - love it. However, 90+ temps including insane humidity, too-hot-to-use-your-oven evenings, back sweat?? NO THANKS. I would trade all of the sundresses and natural highlights in the world for year-long Fall (with a good few months of winter thrown in there, but then just right back to Fall). What do I love most about the Fall? The FASHION!! Boots, big, roomy sweaters, leggings, tights with corduroy skirts, gloves, jackets, SCARVES (!), adorable hats and ear-warming accessories, all of it! And considering I'm a girl who is always hot (temperature-wise, of course), I crave this weather more than anything.

That being said....what are some Fall staples to keep in your closet? And what are some typical outfits for a a day/night in this chilly weather? Well, let's observe, shall we??

1.) A good pair of riding boots: This is pretty standard. Nothing says ease and comfort (and warmth) on a chilly day like a pair of "to the knee" or "over the knee" riding boots. Black, tan, brown, gray, whatever. With popular fall hues such as brick, hunter green, indigo, plum, and my all-time-favorite, mustard yellow, any shade of boot will compliment your outfit perfectly.

Franco Sarto
2.) A casual yet "can be dressed up" jacket: Whether it's a trench, denim-material, or short and double-breasted with a hood, you can't go wrong when splurging on a sturdy,"transitional" (weather-wise) jacket. Sometimes you just need something to throw on with your leggings and uggs to run to the store. Or maybe your friends planned a winery trip and, although you don't have to dress up like the Queen will be there, you still want to look fashion-savvy - after all, you know there's always that obnoxious photographer friend hanging around (a.k.a. ME). I really stress this with the men in my life, as well. Getting Tony to understand the importance of a wardrobe piece such as this is similar to trying to explain The Pythagorean Theorem (that's right) to a 4th grader. Hence why I will be shopping for him, without him : )
Nordstrom - Junior section

Urban Outfitters

I have to say, of the handful of places I've looked for jackets, Gap has been my favorite! So many different options and styles - plus, you can't beat the prices!
J. Crew
Banana Republic


Boyfriend WILL BE in one of these (or something like it) by the end of October. He's so lucky to have me.
3.) SCARVES!! Oh, how I love scarves. I wear them all year long, you will rarely find me without a scarf around my neck or at least in my purse (seriously, I'm wearing one right now). Probably my favorite place to find scarves is Urban Outfitters, they have so many! With a plethora (i so love that word) of lengths, styles, and patterns you can literally buy one for each day of the week in one trip. I'm partial to the infinity/eternity scarf - so simple to just wrap it around without having to worry about tags sticking out or it slipping off from around your shoulders. These, in my opinion, can seriously make an outfit. Take a plain white T and skinnies with flats, add a bold-colored/printed scarf and BOOM you've got yourself an outfit! Ditch the flats for heels and you can even pull this off for casual Friday at work or a casual date night with the man.
Modcloth (mustard yay!)

Urban Outfitters

4.) Chunky sweaters: Think brisk fall nights outside on your patio, fire pit going, cup of hot tea or cider (or wine.....), cuddled up with your man/lady/kids/dog/etc. under a blanket. HELLO, chunky, warm sweater weather! OR....finish it off with leggings and a pair of those riding boots, chic denim jacket, throw your hair in a top knot, add some red lips (my fave, of course) and you're good to go for dinner with friends on a cold November evening.

Lauren Conrad for Kohl's


American Eagle

There you have it, friends! What are, in my opinion, four Fall must-haves to keep stocked in your closet. As far as accessorizing them, well you'll just have to rely on that creative ability I know each and every one of you have deep down inside! But, for a little inspiration, feel free to peruse some favorites from My Pinterest Boards:
Can't wait to see what fall outfits you all come up with (a.k.a. please share)! And ladies, don't forget those transitional weather items for your fellas ; )
Later, taters!


  1. what a great post! oh how i love fall. this post makes me think of you and mags. (love your writing, goni!)