Sunday, September 23, 2012

an engagement celebration.

Back in August one of my best friends and very favorite people in the entire world, Maggie, got engaged. Regardless of the fact that her fiancé is a, dare I say it, Cubs fan (bleh), Mags, or Marge as we often call her, without a doubt really picked herself a gem. Mike is a wonderful guy whom I absolutely adore, and I could not be happier that these two found each other. As for Marge, I cant even begin the describe what an amazing person she is. So kind, funny and smart, and just one of the most easy-going, fun people I have ever had the pleasure of being friends with. We met in college, had every class together my senior year (save money and share textbooks? Hell yes.), and then proceeded to have every part-time and full-time job after graduation together, as well. I'm so happy that we have stayed such good friends, not sure what I'd do without her :) As if the announcement of their engagement wasn't exciting enough, at their engagement party Marge asked me to stand up by her side on her big day as one of her bridesmaids. AHHHHH!! I could not be more honored and thrilled to be a part of she and Mike's big, wonderful day!! There will obviously be more photos to come as the wedding festivities begin (probably not until after the 1st of the year...), but right now I'll just share a few from the party :)

Brian, Mary and Marge
FAVES!! Marge and I

Marge and her bridesmaids (minus sisters)
Mo and the Colleens!
the kiddos!!
MOB (middle) and friends
Sis and friends!
Aaah, Annie! And beautiful mom, Katie :)

ugh, if she must....
the WISEST of men :)

Marge, I love ya, girlfriend. Can't wait for more celebrating and especially for the big day :)

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