Monday, September 24, 2012

Motivation Monday!

Happy Motivation Monday, friends!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend  : )  Mine was quite low-key which was exactly what I needed - a.k.a. MAN was I workouts, bad, fat-girl eating, sleeping in, the works.  So I myself was in dire need of some motivation today.  Unfortunately, I think the weather change here in the StL got the best of me as I was battling a stuffy nose and a bit of a sore throat throughout the day.  I attempted an evening run but I can tell you, it did not go well.  Probably because minus half of a turkey sandwich at lunch I had nothing in my stomach besides coffee from the morning.  Told ya, clearly not feeling all that up to par.  But hey, at least I tried, right??

Since I couldn't seem to get myself motivated physically I decided that a trip to Trader Joe's was in order - no more skipping meals!  I picked up some fresh produce, trailmix for on-the-go snacking, some lean turkey for my lunches and organic flatbreads for dinner this week.  When I got home, though I was basically at Starvation Station by this point, I found myself so inspired/motivated by my healthy grocery choices (seriously, so simple!) that I whipped out the ever-dependable Pinterest workouts and knocked out a good 25 minutes of strength and a little bit of cardio with a core challenge workout and a short circuit of  jumping jacks, mountain climbers and, are you ready for this?  BURPEES!  Who enjoys burpees??  No one.  Yet I felt so motivated by the healthy, clean items I bought at TJ's that I managed to fit them in without even thinking about it.  Who knew a trip to the grocery store could hold so much power??

In short, a lesson from today's post that you can take with you is simple - making healthy eating choices can give you the boost of energy and motivation you need on a blah, "I'm going to lay in my bed and watch 'Friends' all night long and not even LOOK at my tennis shoes" kind of evening.  And that whole, "I've eaten like crap this whole day already so it's a lost cause" belief is nothing more than an excuse.  Just because you helped yourself to the donuts in the office kitchen at breakfast doesn't mean you've screwed yourself for the rest of the day, and can therefore eat large portions of crap for lunch, snacks and dinner.  Consider that "donut" your treat for the day and spend the rest of the 24 hours eating clean and lean.  It'll help get those endorphins going and you'll be more prone to get a workout in before turning in for the evening.  And as always, most importantly, don't lose that faith in yourself.  YOU are your biggest supporter and strongest force of success  : )

'Til next time, loves!  Have a great night  : )

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