Monday, September 17, 2012

Motivation Monday!

Back again, as promised, with another Motivation Monday post for all of you swell people  : )  Again, my apologies for missing last week, when you go out of town your whole world goes out of whack, including your blogging schedule.  That brings me to this week's Motivation Monday post, which will discuss how to stay motivated with your health and fitness plan while out of town/on vacation.  As you read about here the boy and I were on an east coast adventure last week for a buying show for Tony's store.  Obviously we took some time to stuff our faces with some delightful, local fare (fresh seafood, anything italian, gelato, wine, yada yada yada) accompanied by very little no time to exercise.  Let me also just get it out now that I neglected to pack my running shoes so that wasn't even an option.  So what does one do in this situation?  No running shoes, barely any time at all to squeeze in a workout, did I mention no running shoes? Well, there are a few things you can remember when you're preparing for a trip of this caliber:

1.)  PACK YOUR RUNNING SHOES....don't be a fool like me and pack every shoe you own for a five day (including two travel days) trip but forget your running shoes.  'Nuff said.

2.)  Keep that Pinterest app handy.  Oh, have you heard of Pinterest???.......Pinterest is jam-packed with  at home fitness routines and strength training circuits.  One of my favorites here only requires a little space and two full water bottles.  Seriously?  Those are waiting for you in your hotel room when you arrive! (Just don't open bar charges are a bitch)  Most of my favorites (onetwothree, and  four) don't even require any kind of weight-replacing prop at all.  They take about 10-15 minutes, if even, and when done up to three times can burn as many calories as a 30 minute run on the treadmill.  And again, you're not even leaving your hotel room.  WIN.

3.)  Pack your goals in your suitcase.  Don't forget the goals you made for yourself.  Your goals in your hometown should be the same goals you have in a different city.  Obviously you may give yourself a break when it comes to your diet - who doesn't splurge on vacation??  But something like writing your goals down on the hotel pad of paper and taping them to the corner of the bathroom mirror is something simple that can keep you on track, as well as motivate you to knock out one (or a few) of the workouts mentioned above in the morning before you head out for more exploring.

4.)  When booking your hotel, look for places with fitness centers, running/biking paths, or parks nearby.  Obviously on business trips, like this past one for us, you don't always have a choice regarding where you stay.  Again, this is where those pinterest workouts come in handy  : )

5.)  Don't forget to take a step back to look around.  HUH??  What I mean by this is when you're out and about on vacation, sampling new foods and wines and what not, take a minute to breathe, look around, and take a mental picture of your temporary scenery.  Think about the fact that you won't be there in a few days and take note of what you want to remember the most.  By the time you're finished looking around and appreciating your surroundings you may not even be hungry anymore.  Besides, half the time you continue to eat even though you're full - mostly because whomever you're with is still eating or wants to try another appetizer or something.  Politely tell your friend you're full, and maybe encourage squaring up with the server and taking a long walk to take some pictures for your memory album.

6.)  Get after it as soon as you return home.  Don't let jet-lag stop you from getting back into the gym or your daily biking routine as soon as you get back from your vacation.  We returned home this past Friday at around 7:30 PM and by the time we got home had been in four, FOUR, different states that day total.  Even so, I was at my Physique class (a.k.a. bootcamp torture from hell) the very next morning and then ran a 5k with friends on Sunday morning.  Do whatever you need to do - set three alarms, lay your workout clothes and shoes out the night before, invite friends to go with you to a class or for a run so you have someone counting on you - whatever you need to go to get your tush in gear.

Contrary to what I mentioned in this post here I did NOT make it to my personal training appointment today (remember that bootcamp from hell I talked about above?  Or should I call it the muscle-killer??  Yeahhh....) so I don't have any news on how that went, but my rescheduled appointment is for next Saturday so there will be a post about my new fitness regimen to come in the next couple of weeks!

I'm sure all of you have some other ideas for staying motivated whilst out of town and as usual, please feel free to share!

That's all for today's Motivation Monday post, have a wonderful rest of your evening, loves  : )

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