Friday, September 14, 2012

I heart you, east coast.

Happy Friday, friends! Sorry I have been MIA this week, and an even BIGGER SORRY for the lack of a Motivation Monday post. Tony and I have been in Boston and Connecticut for the past five days and Monday was our travel day. To make up for it I can promise a.) a little preview of our trip which I shall include below, and b.) a reaaaallly good MM post this coming Monday. I start with a new personal trainer that day so I guarantee I will be feeling especially motivated and energetic this week to come :)

On Monday morning we flew into Boston and spent the next 48 hours walking in the cool, low to mid-60's weather, eating our body weight in fresh seafood (LOTS of lobster and crab, to be exact), exploring the different neighborhoods like Beacon Hill, Newbury Street (did someone say shopping????), and the Italian section called The North End, and pretty much just gazing at the gorgeous views of water, sailboats, and sunsets on the Boston Harbor. Tony had never been to Boston and my family has been to the city as well as Cape Cod a few times, so I did my best to show him the ropes. Late Tuesday night, after a visit to the iconic "Green Monstah" at Fenway Park for a Red Sox vs. Yankees game, we drove off to Connecticut for a three-night stay at the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino. Tony had a buying show for his store so we spent the majority of the days stocking up on our holiday items for the store, as well as the standard sauces, pastas, olive oils, spices, and other specialty items that we carry throughout the year. On our last day, today, we drove from Connecticut to Providence, Rhode Island and took a stroll through Federal Hill, the Italian neighborhood that is also referred to as "The Hill", just like St. Louis :) We drove back to Boston a few hours ago, had one more delicious meal on the water (lobster and crab, of course) before heading to the airport. Our flight leaves in a couple of hours and as excited as we are to get back to our family and friends, I can't help but feel sad to be leaving my favorite city. Boston, I've loved you since I first met you in high school - you never disappoint. 'Til next time!!

p.s. more pictures to come soon :)

lobster roll....YUM.
Cannoli from modern pastry in the north end.


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