Monday, August 27, 2012

Motivation Monday!

Happy Monday, friends!  Back again for our second week of the "Motivation Monday" posts, and I'm particularly excited about today's topic.  I decided to have a little chat with someone who motivates me (in many ways) on a daily basis - my older sister, Leslie.  Leslie and I also have an older sister, Julie, who I'll be doing a little profile/post on at a later time so don't fret!  You'll get to know her soon enough, as well  : )

Leslie is a 29 year old health and fitness enthusiast and has been for as long as I can remember.  She was always running around outside, playing every sport imaginable as well as dancing 3-4 times a week, and just always on the go.  This still rings true today, only the sports have turned into running or classes at the gym, and the dancing has turned into an attempt to pay homage to Flashdance that can only be described as "sad" (sorry, Les....).

She makes health-conscious decisions when it comes to her diet and isn't afraid to try new ingredients and recipes, and this is the thing I usually struggle with the most (or have in the past).  She is so inspiring and her enthusiasm for trying new things is what motivates me to do the same.  Plus we live together so who doesn't love cooking up a storm with friends and family?  Nobody likes to cook alone (Loser, table for one!).  JUST kidding  : )  But it is always more fun when you're cooking with/for others. 

She works a full-time job and keeps a busy social calendar on top of that.  One of her biggest life goals was met this past spring when she completed her first half marathon in just a little over two hours!  Such an accomplishment.  Since Les is someone who motivates me a great deal, I decided to ask her a few questions about what motivates her:

1.)  What does a typical workout for you consist of?

"I've become a running junkie these past few years so if I do anything, it's going to be a good 3-5 mile run, at least.  If I have time after that (I usually always try to make time) I'll do some kind of strength training, whether it's on my own or in a total body conditioning, yoga, or bar method class.  I know it sounds crazy to think of working out twice in one day, but it's a good way to compensate if you know that there's a day later on in the week that you won't have time to squeeze in a workout."

2.)  Yeah about that whole "time" thing, you're one of the busiest people I know.....what workout to do you resort to in a time crunch that still allows you to feel like you've accomplished something?

"I DO like to be busy!  If I know I'm not going to have a lot of time I'll at least make sure to get in a circuit of squats, lunges, push-ups, jumping jacks or butt-kicks, and then a 60-second plank hold.  I try to do 2-3 sets of about 15-20 reps.  You're hitting all of the muscle groups while still getting your heart rate up with some cardio moves."

3.)  What's your go-to pre-workout snack?  And how long do you wait to workout once you've eaten it?

"I don't like to eat a lot right before I workout since I try to eat a bigger meal afterwards while my metabolism us up.  I usually stick to a couple of spoonfuls or peanut butter or a banana (or sometimes both!) and just lots and lots of water!!  I'll usually start hydrating as soon as I wake up and I try to eat about 20 minutes before working out."

4.)  Speaking of food....sweet-tooth or salt-tooth?  And what do you eat to curb that craving without going overboard on calories/fat/sodium, etc.?

"Salt-tooth, without a doubt.  Pretzels are usually a go-to because they hit that salt craving while being filling enough to give you the energy you need to move along with your day.  Pickles are another good option to satisfy the need for salt, but there not quite as totable as my dear friends, the pretzels."

5.)  Friends do come in all shapes and sizes......moving on.  What are some things you do to keep yourself motivated during a slump?

"I'll change up the playlists on my iPod a lot, as well as change up my workout itself.  When you start to get to comfortable and feel like you're just going through the motions, that's a good indicator that it's time to find a new workout.  Motivation is contagious so if I'm feeling especially slumpy one day I'll call up a friend who I know enjoys working out and see if she or he wants to go to a class or go for a run."

6.)  Now for a fun question...if you could live anywhere else besides St. Louis, where would it be and how do you think your fitness regimen would change, if at all?

"I'd have to say either San Francisco or Seattle.  I would still stick to my ever-faithful running and strength training classes, but I would immerse myself in more outdoor activities.  St. Louis is SO humid in the summer and our weather is just so unpredictable that it's not always easy to get myself to go outside.  I would definitely add activities such as hiking, rowing, kayaking, etc. to my routine.  Plus you can't beat the scenery you'd get at either place."

7.)  Lastly, what's one piece of advice you can leave us with today for when we're feeling especially lazy and slumpy?

"Always have goals that you're working towards, and make sure they're specific, with actual deadlines for realistic (yet challenging) results.  Most important thing is to make sure whatever you're doing is fun.  You may not enjoy the gym but you do enjoy walking your dog in the park.  You might not be a runner but you could seriously do yoga everyday if your schedule allowed it.  You need to find what works and what is fun for you, because if you're not having fun then it's going to feel forced.  And if it feels forced, chances are you're going to talk yourself out of it.  Do your research, try new things, buddy-up, and most importantly, have a little faith in yourself."

See what I mean?  BEYOND inspiring!  A task for today - find someone in your own life that inspires/motivates you and ask them the same questions (or your own!).  I promise you'll feel incredibly refreshed and motivated afterwards.  And as always, feel free to share any advice you have, I love learning new things especially regarding this topic. 

Happy Motivation Monday, everyone!!

me and my sis  : )

(L-R)  me, Les, Julie - our older sister.  All dancers!

did i mention Les' wicked fashion sense?  She sure pulls off that perm well with a red hat to top it off......

who says you can't get a workout in while teaching people how to "Dougie"?

Christmas morning is fun with our family  : )

cardinal fans to the core!

"i'm strong!"

"catch me if you can!!"

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