Thursday, August 23, 2012

California Adventure - San Diego/Coronado Bay (and final) Chapter

Back again for the last chapter chronicling our California adventure!  Yes, this was back in the middle of June so thank you for your patience while I posted about other things in between.  I absolutely LOVE San Diego and Coronado Bay.  It seriously may be one of my favorite places ever.  It's so beautiful, peaceful, serene, etc., you just kind of forget where you are when you're there.  Unfortunately due to travel schedules we were only able to spend half of a day and one evening on Coronado Bay, but we certainly soaked up as much of it as we could in that short time!  As soon as we checked in to the beautiful Hotel del Coronado we threw our bags in our room and headed straight to the gorgeous beach.  P.S. the Coronado happens to be a haunted hotel, and not only were we in the haunted (old) wing, we were on the haunted FLOOR (dunt-dunt-DUUUHHHHHH)!  Yep, I'm a firm believer in all of that so needless to say I was freaked beyond belief, couldn't sleep at all/stayed in the same, awkward position the whole night, and due to that came home with that horrendous neck injury (mentioned in this post here) that put me at the chiropractor's office three times the week after we got home.  Was it worth it, though??  ABSOLUTELY!  To find out more about the ghost that roams the old wing of the Coronado be sure to check out the history tab on their website and read about "The Ghost of Kate Morgan", still a mystery today (oooooooh spooky).

We were so sad to leave California, it was such an amazing, adventurous, luxurious, peaceful trip and we cannot wait to go back.  Cali, you never disappoint.  'Til next time!

i do this same kind of picture everywhere with anything i can find.  makes me feel like a giant.

hubba hubba.

photoshoot on rocks?  NO THANKS!

dinner under the lights of the Coronado tower  : )

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