Monday, June 18, 2012

we're back!

Well, friends, we're back from our 9-day adventure in California and it could NOT have been better!  Seriously, people should pay Tony and I to plan their vacations.  Can you imagine?  Anywho, we started in San Francisco, drove to Sonoma and then Napa, hopped a plane to LA, then drove to Laguna Beach/San Clemente, then off to Palm Springs (where Tony lived for about 8 or so years growing up), then drove to our last stop, San Diego.  Is there such a thing as being car-lagged?  Because I might have it today.  Along with that, I also came home with a neck injury and found myself at the chiropractor today (I blame the haunted Hotel del Coronado in San Diego....long story, I'll explain in a later post).  So we only took about a thousand pictures so I'll be putting a good chunk of those up in parts.  But for now, please enjoy these pics from my phone!

The Bay Bridge all lit up!

Castello di Amorosa - Napa

Hotel Yountville - Napa (we had a private terrace with a fountain!)  *please disregard the mess....

Ceelo Green and Goodie Mob concert after Jimmy Kimmel!

Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles

Laguna Beach - heaven

Chandelier in the lobby of the Coronado - San Diego

Boy loves his brew  : )  At Stone Brewery in San Diego

Hope you all had a fabulous past week!  Anyone else go on a stellar vacation recently??  Feel free to share some stories!  XO - Gina.

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