Friday, June 22, 2012

Engagement AND baby!

Bet I freaked you out with that title, huh?  (snicker, snicker)  But no, my friends, we are not engaged nor am I with child.  This is in reference to one of my very best friends, Kristin, coming in town with her brand new baby and newly diamond-clad left ring finger!  Kristin (who you'll hear me refer to as "Kissy", old nickname from FOREVER ago) and her fiance Matt brought their new baby boy, Ryder, home to St. Louis to visit!  They currently reside in Toronto, as Matt plays for the Toronto Marlies, the minor league team of the Toronto Maple Leafs (that's hockey, for anyone who doesn't know - although I'm sure you do.  And YES Dad, I know there are no touchdowns in hockey.  You make ONE mistake a hundred years ago and you can't ever live it down....) but Kissy is from St. Louis so they've brought baby Ryder home for all of us to meet for the first time!  I cannot wait to meet my little nephew, he's already stolen my heart  : )  The grown-ups (weird) are having dinner tonight and then we're all getting together for a little party tomorrow afternoon.  I'll be taking plenty of pictures then but for now, here are some faces to put with the names:

Matt and Kissy (they're really ugly....)

Matt, Kissy, BABY!

Baby Boy!!  Ryder Matthew  : )

Kissy and I (VERY pre-baby)

Kissy and I with two of our other besties, Neely and Syd (long before Matt could save her from our corruption...)

More pics of this sweet, little family to come!  Hope you all have an amazing weekend  : )


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