Monday, June 4, 2012

sunday (fitness) funday.

Yes I know, we've been M.I.A. for the past week - it was a crazy one!  Work, a wedding, and prepping for our upcoming vacation (woop woop!) all consumed our lives this past week but we finally got to have a day with each other on Sunday.  Tony has been wanting to take me to Castlewood State Park for a while now so we decided to grab a delightful breakfast outside at Winslow's Home before we headed west for a nice, long was interesting.  First, at breakfast, I clumsily ran into the outside server, who was trying to move his way through the maze that WAS the patio, and knocked multiple things out of his hands (one being a basically full can of soda, which brings me to my next point).  Two, that very can of soda hit the ground with vengeance, taking prisoner the sweet, little family next to us by exploding all over them.  Who knew one, little can of diet coke could do that?  Anyway.....three, we get to Castlewood and wait what seemed like 100 hours for a truck to back out of it's spot, only to have it stolen by one of those small, annoying cars that can whip in and out of small spaces quickly.  And FOUR, no one would ever know that I was a former ballerina based on the amount of times I fell, slid, tripped, what have you.  At least I got a workout in??  Which by the way, if you're wanting to get over your plateau in your fitness routine, GO ON A HIKE.  It was so fun and our legs and derrieres will thank us one day.  Anywho, hope you all had a wonderful Sunday, as well!  Feel free to share some stories from your weekend and enjoy some pictures from ours  : )

hubba hubba

why yes, it was delicious.

Ballerina Project - St. Louis Chapter (ha! i wish...)


now you see me........ you don't!


"can we go home now? I'm tired....."

".....aren't you?"


  1. I want to go to Winslow's Home!!!!!

  2. I love Castlewood! I lived 5 minutes from there in Ballwin... haha "out west." loving the posts girl! :)

  3. i love winslow's home! good post. keep it up! :)

    p.s. i spent the weekend in the country, and took lots of photos of cows with my phone.