Wednesday, October 17, 2012

oops! forgot something.....

soooo i totally goofed, i apologize for the lack of a "Motivation Monday" post this week!  if you couldn't tell from last Thursday's post i was not having the best week, and although i was able to enjoy my weekend, the stress sort of carried over into this week  :-/  however, it all ended up being great because the stress i was feeling was attributed to the fact that, after much consideration, i have decided to leave the job (and job family) that i have loved for the past three years to embark on an exciting new career journey.  i will be sharing more news about that at a later date, as we are still getting all of the logistics and details worked out for my transition, so i would like to take this time to focus on the wonderful ladies that i will be leaving once i begin my new job at the end of the month.

i began working at the university three years ago and over that time i have managed to make some of the most amazing friends!  when i started at this job i was so nervous, and a little intimidated, as well.  the gals had already been here for a decent amount of time and, as anyone can remember from high school, it's not always easy to insert yourself into a group of people women that have already been friends/co-workers/etc. together for a while.  but much to my pleasant, pleasant surprise, these ladies were so sweet and welcoming, and could not have been more wonderful towards the new girl. 

since then they have gone from co-workers, to new friends, to actual friends, to sisters, to one, big, happy, dysfunctional (haha) family.  i love them all dearly and will miss them more than they know. 

if you're lucky enough to have a group of ladies in your lives everyday like i am/was, be sure to cherish those friendships, for you can never have enough positive, sweet people in your life  : )

At Courtney's (bottom right) wedding - July 2010

anyone else's boss come to hear them sing with their band??  mine did.  : )

co-worker run-in at Mizzou for homecoming!

dancin' at Court's wedding!

MARGE!  (you'll see more of this lady when i'm in her wedding in the spring!)


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