Thursday, October 11, 2012


how i feel today:

yes, my friends, it's "one of those days".  i'm feeling beyond blah/stressed/sad/overwhelmed etc., and i was enjoying my misery JUST FINE until this sneaky little biotch had to cross my path on pinterest and make me feel all inspired and crap:

just goes to show, God and those you love know how wonderful and valuable you are, and they believe in you.  i am so thankful to my family and friends (my girls! you know who you are...) for helping me get through a tough day.  their help and advice hasn't quite worked it's magic yet, so i ask you to send some prayers and positive thoughts my way; i'm sure the sun'll come out tomorrow.  today, however?  orphan annie ain't nowhere around these parts.

hope you're all having a wonderful day  : )  and please - don't let me bring you down!  sunshine, fall colors, birds, bunnies, weeeee! 

think it's time for that nap.....

1 comment:

  1. hang in there, goni. i feel like these times are usually followed pretty soonly with very good things. they're just getting worked out. :) love you, friend!