Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Motivation Monday on TUESDAY!!

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Again, thanks for understanding the lack of a Motivation Monday post - you're all just peaches : )  As promised, though, I will be putting together a little Motivation Tuesday post to make up for it.  Today I want to talk about another person who motivates me like no other, and (here comes the semi-creepster part of it all), I've never even met her!  She is an amazingly entertaining individual (and fellow blogger!) who has such an inspiring story.  Her blog is one that I make sure to visit on a daily basis with anticipation of a new recipe, workout routine, organization tip, or just an interesting fun fact about her life lately.  Her name is Taralynn McNitt and she resides over at a little blog called Undressed Skeleton.  I HIGHLY encourage you all to give her story a read - she covers her childhood journey through/struggle with weight management and self-esteem, and shares how she overcame her fears and self-doubt, and managed to come out on top.  Her story is one that I know I can relate to from my pivotal years in junior high and high school (and even sometimes now), so even though I've read it a few times already, I often times find myself going back and reading it again.  Seriously, she's such an inspiration!  Plus her mouth-watering recipes for things like better breakfasts and exciting entrees don't hurt one bit  : )

Today I focused on one of her weekly workouts entitled Fun Weekly Workout Routine.  She discusses workout options that, rather than being very strict and regimented (which sometimes you just need in order to get moving), suggest things such as long walks or yoga sessions with friends, or putting on your favorite movie or TV show while on the treadmill - I know from experience that any season of "Friends" is likely to keep you on that machine for hours....After looking at her list I found myself motivated to make my own Fun Weekly Workout Routine based on my schedule and types of exercise I know I enjoy.  Here's what I came up with:

Fun Weekly Workout Routine!!
Anyone who reads my blog knows that Mondays are particularly motivating for me since I only work a half day on Mondays.  Get out into this beautiful Fall weather and take it to the park!  I work directly across the street from the largest park in St. Louis (and the United States, I think??) and it has TONS of different trails and mind-occupying scenery.  Bring running clothes to work and get out there for a good two to three mile run or bike ride to celebrate the free afternoon!

Zumba day!  If you are able to, at work, listen to fun, up-beat music all day long to get yourself in the mood for a Zumba, cardio hip-hop or any other dance-based fitness class you might be taking (or have always wanted to try out) that evening.  As a former dancer and therefore always having dance on the mind 24/7, I like to even make up dances in my head as the music is playing.  Keep those self-made moves handy for freestyle time at the class later on!

So close, yet so far away!  The end of the week is near, but then again, you still have three (counting today) whole days of the work-week left.  If it’s a nice day, grab your tennis racket or the football and a few friends and get together for a friendly match or scrimmage.  You’ll be amazed at how hard your muscles are working and in different ways than you’re used to – not to mention all of the “laughter calories” you’ll most likely be burning  : )

Happy Hour, anyone??  Instead of retreating to a nice patio and sharing a couple of apps and bottles of wine, grab your friends and find a fitness class that specializes in the buddy system.  Take a few minutes while sitting at your computer at work and do some research.  I have found several yoga studios and boot camps that say things like, “Happy Hour Yoga” or “Girl-Talk Booty Camp” – all where you bring your girlfriends and workout together.  Upbeat music, often times refreshments and a social hour to follow.  The perfect way to unwind towards the end of your week while still burning those calories and not missing a beat.  Other good things to research are group runs such as 5Ks for charity that you and your friends and family can do together!

In my opinion and with my schedule – a day of rest.  No one wants to work-out on Friday.  If anything I might convince myself to go for a quick walk with the dogs or do one of my coveted 15-minute Pinterest workouts, but usually I am rushing to get showered and ready for something that evening.  Don’t add the extra stress by trying to squeeze something in.  Rushing through a workout may cause you to neglect your stretching and warm-up regimen which in turn can cause unwanted injuries.  Give yourself that break – you deserve it!

Hello, weekend!  Get back outside today.  One of my favorite outdoor workouts consists of going to the park by my house and running a 2.5 mile route that has me running past some of the parks most beautiful spots – lake with sporadic, bursting fountains that sits and the bottom of a large, green grass-filled hill, running waterfalls placed below pavilions where weddings are often held, gazebos placed in the center of a lake filled with DUCKS!  And so much more.  And as someone who is not a natural-born runner, I need exciting and aesthetically-pleasing things to look at.  About halfway through the run I come across some benches and several tiers of stairs.  I include things like step-ups on the benches, sprints up the steps, and walking lunges throughout.  On my way down the steps I stop at the benches again to do some strength – tricep dips, push-ups, etc.  It’s the full-body workout without any machines, equipment, or the gym itself.  Favorite.

Most often spent with the man in my life.  After grabbing a nice brunch somewhere outdoors we find ourselves running around with the dogs or taking little Ava to the park or zoo or something that involves a lot of walking or running around.  We also like to have Wii tournaments – tennis, baseball, bowling, boxing, dance parties – quite the workout, as well!  Growing up, Sundays were ALWAYS reserved for the family, so it’s important for me to keep that tradition going.

This was so fun!  Coming up with a "Fun Weekly Workout Routine" really gets your creative juices flowing.  And the great thing about it is that it's yours, and you can change it any time you want.  Just make sure you are hitting all of your fitness target areas and goals.  But once you realize the basics of those, the possibilities are endless. 

What would YOUR "Fun Weekly Workout Routine" look like?  Feel free to share and swap ideas - I'm always looking for new entertaining ways to keep myself motivated.

Have a fab Motivation Tuesday, loves!

(*Disclaimer:  Taralynn McNitt does not sponsor this blog nor do I sponsor hers.  I simply find her an inspiring individual and wanted to share - so ENJOY!)

Pups are ALWAYS ready for a run.

Who needs a running buddy??

HA!  So sad but so true.

Classes are more fun with friends!

Rooftop Yoga with the sister and friends  : )

Supporting my friend at the 5K for Arthritis every winter

Best friend and I racin' for the cure!

Sister and cousin Emma and I racing for the cure  : )

Family neighborhood walks - tradition.


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