Saturday, July 6, 2013

fourth fun.

Aaaaaaand again, I'm BACK! Sorry for the delay, lots of changes and happenings these past few months. But I'm happy to say that thankfully things have calmed down and I can finally get back to doing one of the things I love....bombarding you all with my photos and pictures under the disguise of "blogging". I really have missed it, and I can't wait to dive back in! That being said I'll get things things started with a few pics from our fun Fourth of July! We spent the day at Rend Lake over in Illinois (beautiful. if you haven't been...go.) swimming, snacking, soaking up the sun, and attempting back flips, cheerleader poses and splash wars all throughout. As I basked (and sun-bathed) in the glory of my freedom, I took a few minutes to thank all of us those who serve and risk their lives daily for that freedom I was enjoying that very moment. I feel so lucky to live in such a great country full of brave men and women who continuously fight so I can do the little things like wear a bikini in public and swim with my family at our leisure. And the big things like vote, work, earn a living, get married and feel safe raising my children here. What a great country, huh? God Bless America!!

ahoy, there!
my loves :)
me and the kiddos :)


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