Wednesday, July 10, 2013

a rainy summer day.

We've been so lucky this summer, here in St. Louis. It hasn't been its usual 95-100 degrees each day, with humidity that makes me look like this:

If you can't reference this then I can't help you....
We have had beautiful, mild days in the high-70s and mid-80s with hardly any humidity and let me tell you, it has put off my yearning for Fall a whole lot more than ever before. I've been outside everyday, staying active and soaking up the rays, and managing to stay energized and eat clean and healthy throughout the day. But today, it's rainy. And that's a WHOLE 'nother story.

I keep looking out the window of my office at the dark blue sky, the blowing trees, the sideways rain, and wondering why I even got out of bed is morning. And then I remembered my boyfriend is my boss and I can't very well roll over and moan and groan about how much I wanna call in sick....ah well, probably the only con to working for/with him so ill consider myself lucky :)

Anywho, had I been able to squeeze in a bonus vacation/sick day, all to myself with nothing to do, what would I have done?? Well, let's explore, shall we??

Here are all of the Pinterest crafts I've been wanting to do but haven't had the time:

To L: gold DIY mugs, Top R: glowing wall art! Bottom L: chain woven bracelets!, Bottom R: stacked, painted tables

Retro MTV Laguna Beach marathon? Uhh, yes.

i heart you, LC.

Maybe a little of this:

Probably a lotta this:
And maybe the overwhelming guilt and laziness would cause me to do a little bit of this:
Man, what a glorious day I would have! (Cough, cough) Oh no, I think I'm coming down with something, better stay home tomorrow....
What would all of YOU do on a random, surprise day off?


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