Sunday, March 24, 2013

what the weekend brought.

I love weekends like this one. A lazy Friday, followed by an insanely crazy Saturday day and evening, topped off with another beautifully lazy day on Sunday. Movie night with the manfriend on Friday, nine hour workday on Saturday plus a best friend's bachelorette party Saturday night, and then brunch with the parents and a house all to myself today (minus my baby pugs, of course). And to top it off, in true St. Louis fashion it was in the 50s yesterday and snowing non-stop today. Most people are cursing the weather but I myself will never get sick of the snow and the beautiful blanket of white it leaves on the grass in my backyard. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying it in whatever way you enjoy most :)

me and the bachelorette!!
chick-flick, mags, fire, pugs.
snowy backyard.


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