Friday, March 15, 2013

high five for friday!!

happy friday, friends!!  today i'm linking up with lauren at "From My Grey Desk" for my first "high five for friday" post since i started blogging again.  i always look forward to doing this post because it allows me to really reflect on my week and realize that even the shittiest of weeks (this one has been especially craptastic....) all hold some really wonderful things, as well.  such as:

1.)  delightful, wonderful, unbelievable (i could go on....) surprise from one delightful, wonderful, unbelievable (again, i could go on....) boyfriend!!  WEEKS ago whilst lying in bed watching "Smash" and doing some online shopping (bless him) i introduced Tony to the world of TOPSHOP.  as I browsed, i casually GUSHED over this insane moto jacket that i just had to have but couldn't get myself to purchase.  again, that was weeks ago, one night, for one second, showing him this jacket.  and the beautiful, polka-dotted bag arrived on monday  : )

2.)  i re-registered with Birchbox at the beginning of this month and the beautiful box of dreams arrived yesterday!!  i'm most excited to try the BB cream, as those are all the rage right now and i've become slightly obsessed with skincare in the past year.

3.)  i received a driving citation yesterday for crossing over the yellow lines to avoid waiting in traffic....sue me.  to take the edge off, tony and i stopped at Robust Wine Bar and ended up trying a tasty little wine flight called, "Roll out the Red Carpet".  don't mind if i do!!

4.)  FINALLY saw "Oz, The Great & Powerful" last night.  i don't care what the reviews said, it rocked my socks!  who wants to go with me again??


5.)  surprise green cupcake delivery from my dad today!!  happy st. paddy's from one italian girl to all of you  : )


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