Tuesday, July 31, 2012

California Adventure - Palm Springs Chapter.

Back again for more California trip fun!  P.s. I promise you only have to hear about one more of these.....After spending some time in LA, Laguna and San Clemente the man-friend and I headed off to hot, hot, HOT (but beautiful) Palm Springs.  Has anyone ever been to the desert?  Well, I had not, and despite everything Tony told me, I was not prepared for the combination of intense heat and dry, desert air that seemed to smack me in the face every time I walked outside.  HOWEVER....I must say, regardless of the fact that it was 110 degrees, Palm Springs is absolutely breath-taking.  I never knew the desert to be such a gorgeous and scenic place.  Tony actually lived in Palm Springs for a good portion of his childhood so luckily he really knew his way around!  He showed me his old elementary school, his bike-riding routes, the grocery stores and movie theaters, etc. he went to, and three of his old houses - he must have had the BEST parties!  Except not considering he was like 5.  Okay 12 but whatever.  Anywho, along with an exciting trip down memory lane, Tony took me on a morning hike, treated me to a BEYOND delicious lunch at In-N-Out Burger, and took me on a gorgeous drive up and down and all around the mountains.

One of Tony's childhood homes - we found it!

'bout damn time.....ten days in California and I didn't get my Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf until day 8!  not right....

cue the drool.....

the hotels on this trip just got better and better....one of my FAVES!

yesssssss, claw-foot tub.

Like I said, just ONE more post chronicling our Cali adventure.  Next (and last), San Diego!

Don't lie....you'll be sad when these are over.  


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