Wednesday, August 7, 2013

back at it.

This week I've really gotten back into my routine of clean, healthy meals and daily workouts (I've really been slacking the past couple of weeks....). In turn, I've also gotten Tony and the kids back into healthy eating :) This week I tried two new recipes - one from a blog I follow and another from Bon Appetit magazine online. The first was inspired by a recipe I found on "Everyday Meg", a blog by the beautiful and creative Meg, with great recipes including what I made, the Grapefruit Avocado Balsamic Salmon Salad. The one thing I changed was, instead of a grapefruit/lemon balsamic dressing, I used a raspberry walnut vinaigrette. This was mainly because I was out of balsamic, but it turns out I think I liked the vinaigrette better! It really brought out the flavor of the toasted walnuts and kept the flavor of grapefruit from overpowering the other ingredients. Below is the recipe, including my own tweaks (and my mom's, we made this salad together), as well as some pictures of our process and the delicious, final result:


You'll need:

-3 cups fresh, de-stemmed baby spinach

-1 peeled, pitted and chopped ripe avocado

-1 sliced, red grapefruit

-2 salmon filets

-2 tbsp toasted walnuts

-2 tbsp goat cheese, crumbled

-3 tbsp Newman's Own Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette

"Cooking" instructions:

-Broil salmon for 8-10 minutes, flipping each filet halfway through

-Peel and chop avocado, and take out pit, and set aside

-Peel grapefruit and slice (we cut each slice in half to make smaller pieces, and snacked on some along the way....)

-In medium saucepan, toast walnuts on low-medium heat for about 3-4 minutes

-Pour dressing in bowl first, then top with spinach and avocado and mix well

-Add flaked salmon and grapefruit, and again, mix well

-Finally, top with crumbled goat cheese and toasted walnuts

Pour a nice glass of white wine (Pinot Grigio, perhaps?) and ENJOY!!

Last night I made Scrambled Eggs, Avocado and Salmon toasts from Bon Appetit magazine. Here's the original recipe below:
Tweaks I made:
  • I had a leftover salmon filet from the salad I had made the night before, so I used flaked salmon instead of thinly-sliced smoked salmon
  • I opted out of the creme fraiche
  • Three eggs instead of six (loser, table for one!)
  • Two slices of Italian bread
I followed the instructions exactly the way the magazine said, and topped the finishing result with crumbled goat cheese (clearly I'm on a salmon and goat cheese kick this week)

No wine this time, just some guava-flavored coconut water and a magazine :)
What new "clean-eating" recipes have you tried lately? I've been feeling very adventurous, and have been cooking up a storm, so I'd love to hear all about them!
Happy Wednesday :)


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